Dirk's Vodka

Texas Vodka made from grapes

Dirk's Vodka - Going Against the Grain

We love creating the finer things in life for sharing with those who crave a connection with land and nature, satisfying the sense of belonging.

91 Points Wine Enthusiast
2015 ADI Craft American Spirits Competition {Gold Medal}
2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition {Bronze Medal}
2014 New York International Spirits Competition {Bronze Medal}

Dirk’s, a vodka distilled from grapes, is the newest addition to Kiepersol’s family of products. A vodka not rushed, but aged like our wines before triple distilling. 
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The land and water are paramount to Dirk’s crisp, clean taste born in the Kiepersol terroir. This unique geologic location atop the Bullard Salt Dome yields a Jurassic water uniquely low in mineral content for both the irrigation of the grapes and for blending to create Dirk’s.

The grandfather, and namesake of the brand, lived life well. An inspirational man, he simplified things when others could not, found the single truth when others floundered and made you at ease when nothing seemed easy. He always said, “Everything worth having is simple and within reach.”

The farmer with time for everything at the Estate, distilling, vineyard work and family life, always cheerleading.  His greatest satisfaction is to create and share products that people will love. Usually embracing the unconventional, his favorite quote is, “The great pleasures in life are doing what people say cannot be done.”

Marnelle & Velmay
Sisters and Estate Managers taking care of young families and building dreams.

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