Daring - Live Like a Texan

Dirk de Wet was a gentleman farmer dreaming of life in Texas where everything is bigger and spirits are true. Personifying Texas before he even got here, Dirk was a free and independent spirit who never met a stranger. Tying in with all the spirits produced by Kiepersol, Dirk’s is named after an iconic figure in the lives of a family farming legacy.

Deep...The Well of Truth

Rivers of hope run underneath the wine farm at Kiepersol in the heart of East Texas. Tapping into an ancient aquifer, a one in a million water source revealed itself bringing the twists and turns of an timeworn underground river to the surface. This pristine water is the low mineral-content silver lining that elevates Dirk’s to a clear-cut vodka of distinction. Learn more about our water story here.

20 years in the making...Drilled in ‘94...Distilled in ‘14 


Driven...The Accolades

91 Points from Wine Enthusiast
2015 & 2017 ADI Craft American Spirits {Gold Medal}
2015 San Francisco World Spirits {Bronze Medal}
2014 New York International Spirits {Bronze Medal}


Dirk’s is not rushed, but triple distilled and carbon filtered resulting in a smooth and refreshing spirit

Distilled from Grapes and Grain
40% alcohol (80 proof)
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