What is the Distillery Story

Life at Kiepersol has always been 'farming first'. We've been very blessed to make a living for generations on the land surrounded by nature and embraced by the elements. Kiepersol has always been evolving and adapting with two constants - our family and Texas pride. When syncing with nature and living off the land is not fine-tuned with minimum waste, your stewardship becomes glutton. As we increase vineyards and new varieties, so does the world and the competition from foreign lands. The lesser quality fruit and lesser varietal demands have created a by-product is as good as gold and has no lesser value. 

In 2012, we applied for a distiller's permit to distill and refine product that we felt will go to waste or could not monetarily compete with inexpensive imports. As a family we decided that we will use the fruit from the vineyard that won't go into our premium wines, to distill and refine and that we will purchase other Texas farm commodities to enhance the selection of the distilled spirits we will produce. So today we have one of the first, if not the first, American grape vodkas, called Dirk's. 

In the near future, we will release a grape/sugar cane based rum and third on the list for 2014 is a Texas corn/wheat/barley/grape based bourbon. We are excited to announce it and even more excited with the quality and smoothness of all three of these products as we refine their processes. The distillery will be open for tours and tastings and in limited and controlled off-premise purchases. We are extremely proud of our farmer-designed and made distillery. Beautiful tasting rooms with limestone and granite floors. Another step in completing the destination at Kiepersol.